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For homeowners, homeowners, apartments and general housing the credit card tends to be a hand in hand for renovation and minor renovations with very affordable cost. There are few things that are just as rewarding as starting and completing a project for home renovation and remodeling – everything looks brand new again.

How do I apply and get a TEN Credit Card?

Whether it is a large or small dwelling, renovations in the villa are a wonderful investment because not only are you adding value to the estate but also the owner will enjoy the new smell of the place and a better living space! Financing a home improvement and remodeling project can be difficult, but with the various building supplies stores that offer your store credit cards, some financing options are possible.

Choosing the best credit card varies from person to person. Although we will talk about the financing options with the credit card TendTudo of Cetelem Visa and Mastercard and its strengths. But it is worth mentioning that you can also use a standard credit card.

If you are considering starting a home remodel, you can not help but compare the financing options available on the TendTudo card from TendTudo stores. The store has several credit cards and specific products to renovate your home or office with special conditions.

The VISA Credit Card does not need proof of income, so you get your credit without having to file a lot of paperwork proving that work or something. To request the card, simply present the original RG in any of the stores of the network and – pronto! When and if approved, your credit card is forwarded to your preferred mailing address.


What is card?

What is?

Home Center Tendtudo is a network of construction and remodeling stores that is present in the state of Bahia, Ceará, Federal District, Goiás, Maranhão, Pernambuco and also in São Paulo. The network has its own credit card, issued with the administrator Cetelem. Below we list some of the advantages and how to order your VISA Cetelem TendTudo Card.

Benefits of the card :

  • The card is accepted in more than 2.2 million establishments accredited by the VISA flag in Brazil
  • It offers differentiated plans and conditions for direct payment in TendTudo stores : installments vary up to 12x without interest or up to 24x fixed (with interest)
  • You have up to 45 days to pay for your purchases
  • Access to promotions and exclusive offers for those who own the store card
  • It is without proof of income: the RG and CPF to request the card
  • Special credit limits – 1 to buy exclusively at TendTudo stores and another to buy at accredited establishments the VISA flag

How to apply for the card proposal?

How to apply for the card proposal?

Unlike other credit cards without consultation or credit cards with approval in online time, the proposal of the TendTudo Card can not be obtained through the internet. To have access to the TendTudo Card, you must be present in person at one of the TendTudo stores. At, it is possible to know exactly where the addresses of all stores in the network are located.

However, while there, look for the card industry and ask for the proposal form for you to fill out. Take your photo ID (RG, CNH or Passport and also the CPF if you are separated from the RG and have no CNH).

Requesting, analyzing, and approving the card

Requesting, analyzing, and approving the card

The credit card request TendTudo is subject to a credit analysis performed by Cetelem BGN, ie, it is not like a credit card for negative, and if everything works out and your request is approved the plastic will be sent through the Post Office in up to 20 days. To know about the delivery of the card, the website offers real-time access to the delivery situation.

The basic requirements for obtaining Cetelem’s card are: to be 18 or over at the time of the request; not to have restrictions in the credit histories of the SPC, Serasa, SCPC and other organs; be approved in the credit analysis and be with the CPF duly regularized in the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB).

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