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Financing money and assets has become increasingly easier to obtain nowadays. Today it is possible to finance for the most diverse purposes and specificities. It is a fact that some modalities bring a certain momentary satisfaction when acquired, such as real estate financing, others without great importance, however, all of them can disrupt the budget later.

On the other hand, there are also we can say that having some debt helps to bring a financial return in the future, as is the case of working capital financing, angel investments and risk for companies, in addition to personal and professional achievement such as student loans .

Financing of money and property ..

Of course you have the car purchase loans every year, buy expensive clothes and shoes, travel and take vacations in luxurious hotels. In these last examples the joke of financing money at interest rates will surely turn into a tremendous headache in a short time, especially if the payments are not well planned and executed within the agreed upon with the lender.

“Buying financial products and services on impulse can be highly damaging to mental health and even to the pocket. Many types of money financing bring a false sense of well-being, but in fact it will in the future be stumbling blocks for many undisciplined borrowers. ”

However, just as the sword has two ridges, and the two-sided coin, the credit also, a classic example is student funding or credit for professional improvement, they may burden the budget for a period, but will yield a salary increase or a better income in the future. Real estate financing by the Housing Finance System (SFH) may be the solution to escape the rent, but it will generate debt for at least half a lifetime.

Rent or Financing – what is the best option?

Rent or Financing - what is the best option?

What is curious is that real estate interest is proportional to family income: the lower the income, the lower the interest rate applied. Already speaking of rent, those who earn less generally end up spending more money from rent with this type of expense. Therefore, some credit counselors think that it is much more advantageous to exchange the rent for mortgage-backed financing.

In any of the cases mentioned, financing may require effective planning of house accounts to month. However, economists point out that today’s debts may represent a long-term solution for the future most of the time.

Financing money – dream or reality?

Financing money - dream or reality?

Example: investing in careers brings benefits and possibilities of pay rise and increase, representing a slack in the budget in the future. The purchase of a property provides security and tranquility. Besides the valuation of the property, the problem is that the installments are decreasing “, so if there is a lack of repayments, the lender will take the property.

But, dream is dream, and to become reality it takes a lot of discipline, perseverance and focus on the part of the borrower. “Ideally, real estate, property, and money financing will not commit more than 25 percent of the personal or family budget.

Improve life by doing a financing

Improve life by doing a financing

The financing of money and goods is worth yes, with it it is possible to improve of life and planned correctly nor does it need to go through financial tightening.

Sometimes applying for a low rate personal loan to pay back late debt with higher interest rates can also be an excellent strategy to get the financial life in order, clear the name to end the credit restrictions – if any.


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