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What do we do when we forget the card password? Unfortunately this is a common problem and it can happen at any time. Each day the amount of information we receive and need to save seems to increase, so it is imperative to develop some techniques to get around the problem.

I forgot my password. What do I do ?

Being prepared to face small setbacks like this can increase your quality of life. After all the stress and anxiety caused by a lost password can be very uncomfortable. Therefore, you should focus your attention on solving these problems. With that in mind, we have prepared some tips that will help you get around this problem and get rid of this kind of headache. Continue reading and clarify all your questions with us. Look!

The first step in losing your debit or credit card password is to request a duplicate from the bank. Each institution has a way of solving this type of problem. You need to check which procedures are to be followed.

It is interesting that you have alternative ways of paying bills, so in the event of loss of the password of some card your finances can continue in day and with the least possible setback.


Common forms of card password recovery


Itaucard, Itaú and Bradesco work with the sending of pre-passwords through the Post Office or the Internet. These passwords allow you to register another through ATMs. Bank Santander works with re-registration via the ATM.

Caixa Econômica Federal usually issues a duplicate of the card and automatically generates a new password for its customers. Digital banks like Nubank, Digio and Social Bank work with password exchange through their respective applications. So, just be connected to the internet and ask for help.

How to create a secure password?

Mix letters and numbers

Mix letters and numbers


It is interesting to compose your password by alternating letters and numbers, or uppercase letters with lowercase letters.


Do not use significant dates


Do not use significant dates


Many people like to use important dates, such as their children’s birthday or their own, date of marriage, among others, as a password. This practice is dangerous, after all, important dates may turn out to be the first choice of malicious people.


Caring for your card password

Here are some ways to avoid misusing your new password so that you will never have problems of this type.

• Never loan your card . The debit / credit card is a non-transferable item, after all, it is where you secure your money, your savings, your livelihood. So do not lend your card;

• Never write down your passwords on pieces of paper or notes on your phone . Pieces of paper may be lost, cell phones may be misplaced or unlocked by others;

• Memorize your password . The safest way to store passwords is in the memory itself, that is, in a place that can not be accessed without your direct permission;

• In case of loss, request immediate locking of the card . Just call the administrator in charge of your card and request the blockage due to theft or loss.

Losing your card password, bank account, or even signing in to a social network is an unpleasant experience that can incur a lot of setbacks. Knowing how to deal with these setbacks when they appear can be a good way to maintain mental health and tranquility.

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